Put Your Blog Posts on Twitter with Twitterfeed

Twitterfeed is a cool little add on for Twitter that will check your RSS feed for new blog posts. If it finds one, it will send out a tweet to all your followers. It’s a neat way to add your blog RSS to Twitter.

Twitterfeed has options to to let you adjust how often it should check your feed and how many new updates to post each time. There’s also an option to adjust how the tweets are displayed. You can prefix each tweet with whatever you want, as long as it’s not longer than 20 characters. I use “New blog post.”

Requires OpenID, Which You May Already Have

To use Twitterfeed, you will need an OpenID. The cool thing about that is you may already have an OpenID and not know it. If you have an account at AOL, Blogger, Technorati or any other OpenID members, you can log in using any of those accounts.

Setting up the Twitterfeed takes only a minute. All you need to do is enter the URL to your RSS feed and set the options. The rest is automatic. Twitterfeed is ideal for timestamped posts or when you’re away from the computer. Once a post goes live, Twitterfeed will tell your followers about it.

Because Twitterfeed checks your RSS for updates, I was wondering if my RSS counter would increase by the number of Twitter followers I have. I have over 1,300 followers (follow me if you haven’t yet). The answer is no. However, Twitterfeed will increase your RSS counter by one.

Don’t Be A Twitter Whore

I’ve stated many times that Twitter can be a great marketing tool or it can be a great time waster. In reality, it’s both. I use Twitter as a research and marketing tool. I don’t use it like the Twitter Whore in this video.