Protecting The Macbook Pro with an Invisible Shield

The Apple Macbook Pro is one of the most beautiful laptops I have ever seen. It’s also the absolutely best laptop I have ever used and I’m not the only PC guy saying that. Ed Lau was recently bitten by the Apple bug.

At over $2,000, a Macbook Pro is a fairly expensive machine. I’m sure owners would hate to see any scratches on its slick aluminum body. This is where the Invisible Shield comes in. The Invisible Shield is a skin of virtually indestructible film that will protect your MacBook Pro (or any other pieces of electronics) from unsightly scratches, dings, keys, etc.

Each shield is custom cut to fit the intended laptop perfectly. The full body kit for the Macbook Pro comes in nine pieces and cost $54.95. Lower coverage kits are available for less.

Since I’ve never installed an Invisible Shield before, I had Gary Ng from iPhone In Canada help me – he recently put a shield on his iPhone. I thought Gary knew what he was doing until I saw how he took nearly 30 minutes to put the first piece of film on. I did the remaining eight pieces myself in 10 minutes. It helps when you used to own a printing and sign shop. 🙂