Promoting Your Social Media on Other Social Media

The very nature of the Internet is such that everything is intertwined and interconnected in the most intricate and complex of ways. As an Internet marketer or online business owner, you must recognize the importance of weaving your own web of intertwined links so that your potential readers and customers stay within your funnel.

This is why even though it is possible to make money online without a website of your own — leveraging existing networks and infrastructures like Etsy, Clickbank and AdWords to develop your revenue sources — it is still very much in your best interest to have your own site for a myriad of reasons. And it’s also very much in your best interest to develop a strong brand presence on at least the biggest social media platforms.

You’ve likely heard and seen many times before how people connect these platforms together, largely syndicating their content so that many of the updates are automated. Every time you post a picture on Instagram, you might share it automatically on Facebook or Twitter. Every time you publish a new blog post, you automatically send out a tweet. But can you take advantage of these opportunities even further? Here are at least three ways that you can.

A More Effective Twitter Header Image

There are three main places where you can customize your Twitter profile page: your header image, your profile picture, and your bio. I think we can all agree that a great bio can really tell you story in a limited number of characters, but don’t forget about that giant swath of visual real estate at the top.


Many people simply upload some generic image for their header image. It might be a vacation picture or some other source of inspiration. If you are an online business, that’s a lost opportunity. While you could promote a specific product or service you offer, another take is to promote your other major social media channels.

With my Twitter page above, you can see how I include an image of my book on the left and several of my usernames on other social networks along the right. People know exactly where to find me on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Be careful not to overcrowd this space.

You should also be very mindful about how you go about designing your header image, because very specific dimensions are being used, different areas can get obscured, and not the entirety of your uploaded image is visible. Use this PhotoShop template to make sure your header image will display as intended.

The Instagram Bio

Even though Instagram is a much more visual medium than many other social networks, it’s somewhat ironic just how non-visual the default profile page looks. There’s a space for your profile picture, but no header image or custom background image. That leaves you with the bio.


Again, you want to keep it succinct and catchy. In my case, I decided to promote my website, my book and my Twitter. Your priorities may vary based on your individual circumstances. You’ll also notice that hashtags are automatically hyperlinked in your bio, so while you don’t want to overuse them, you can use them to your advantage.

The Email Signature

This is a matter of personal preference. Some people like to keep their emails as close to plain text as possible, but the overwhelming majority of users can support rich text or HTML emails too. In that case, using your email signature space is a good place to promote your web presence and your social channels too.


A handy guide has been posted on Gizmodo that describes how you can insert linked images in your signature in Gmail. Even though I highly recommend you don’t use a address for business, most of us still manage our own custom emails ( or, for example) through Gmail anyway.

This involves uploading the images to your Google Drive and editing the signature through the Gmail settings menu, but it’s really easy to do. The example uses generic social media icons, but you could just as easily design your own footer-type signature with a short banner, plus social media icons. It’s up to you.

Leave no stone unturned and while you may not necessarily want to be shameless in your self-promotion online, you should be relentlessly creative and determined to grow your audience every chance you get.

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