Profile of Success – Jonathan Volk

Jonathan Volk wrote his first guest post for me back in January of 2008. Back then, Jonathan was a 20-something Internet marketer focusing on affiliate marketing. These days, Jonathan is still a 20-something Internet marketer focusing on affiliate marketing. The only difference is the dollar amount – Jonathan now makes over $300,000 per month from affiliate commissions. That kind of dollar figure definitely qualifies Jonathan Volk for this Profile of Success.

Who is Jonathan Volk?

Most people in the affiliate world know Jonathan Volk as a super affiliate who makes millions per year in the affiliate space. He is a regular speaker at the Affiliate Summit and is generally mobbed at the show by hordes of affiliate marketing wannabes.

Jonathan VolkSince launching his blog at, Jonathan has expanded his reach beyond the affiliate space. Most super affiliates don’t blog because they don’t want to share their secrets. Jonathan is one of those rare breed who not only makes millions from affiliate marketing, he’s willing to help others do the same. is filled with great content about PPC Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Media buying, Search Engine Optimization and Article Marketing. Jonathan has used all these methods to market his blog as well. For awhile, he even bid on my name and Shoemoney’s name with Google AdWords as a way to drive traffic to his blog. People who searched for me or Shoe on Google got hit with the following “Jonathan Volk For the Win” Google ad. Pretty creative, I must admit.

Jonathan Volk is your friend

How Jonathan Volk Makes $300,000+ a Month

In the video below, my friend Wes Mahler from Tracking202 interviews Jonathan on how he scaled to over $300,000 in commissions per month using pay per click and social media. The interview is about 30 minutes long and well worth watching.

Anyone who makes over $300K a month deserves your attention. Especially if he’s willing to help you. I recommend you add Jonathan’s blog to your daily must read list and follow him on Twitter as well. Congrats to Jonathan on his success.

Jonathan Volk – Ready, Set, Super Affiliate