Print Peppermint Business Cards for Creative Professionals

Even as we have moved toward an increasingly digital lifestyle, in-person interactions still reign supreme. Whether you’re meeting with an important client or you’re networking at a trade event, you should always have high quality business cards at the ready. One company you might consider for your next business card order is Print Peppermint, which promises “amazing quality” and custom complex finishes.

Starting with the Basics

What makes Print Peppermint better than the competition? It starts at the most fundamental level of offering a premium paper selection. This way, you can be confident that your business cards won’t feel “cheap.” We all know that first impressions are remarkably important, so when you hand your business card over to a prospective client, partner or collaborator, you’ll know that they’ll already think highly of you.

Business cards printed by Print Peppermint can come in full color on a double-sided design. They only use offset presses, not digital, for a noticeable difference in quality, a difference that is further accented with 500 lines per inch of screen depth. The cards are printed on recycled or partially recycled paper, for a more eco-friendly choice, and you can choose from a variety of features and paper types too.

More conventional options include glossy cards with a shiny UV coating or matte cards with a dull finish, or you can stand out from the crowd with pearl metallic paper, silk matte paper, and even soft suede. It really depends on the kind of brand image you’re trying to convey and the impression you’re trying to make. There are even plastic cards, in thin or thick, for an extra premium feel.

Stepping It Up a Notch

For a more traditional company, it might make sense to take on a more conventional business card format. The standard rectangle is a standard for a reason. You might also opt for something just a little different, like mini cards, square cards, rounded corners, or even folded cards. But if you really want to stand out, Print Peppermint also offers die cut business cards in any custom shape you can dream of.

There are some basic and pre-cut shapes that’ll help you save time and money, all while still offering a much more unique-looking business card. Beyond something like the leaf or the oval, you might opt for a tear drop or a card that looks like a movie ticket. Of course, you can choose custom die cut business cards too using your own unique shape. This includes laser die cutting.

Whether you opt for a more conventional shape or you go with a custom die cut business card, Print Peppermint specializes in custom complex finishes too. This includes everything from foil business cards (including 3D raised foil you can actually feel!) to edge painting and embossing. Basic business cards are useful, but unique business cards really stand out from the bunch, especially after a busy conference where everyone goes home with a stack of cards for people they met.

Custom Design Services Too

Already have a company logo and business card design? Great. You can upload your custom artwork at will. But what if you don’t already have a design? Print Peppermint can help you there too with their business card design service. The award-winning service is priced affordably and comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

The design team will provide multiple concepts for you to choose from, and all design packages include 100% copyright and file ownership. You paid for the design, so of course you should own it! Initial designs are delivered within 48 to 72 hours, and prices start as low as $69.

Satisfaction and Service

Beyond business cards, Print Peppermint also offers a wide array of other printed products, including postcards, flyers, stickers, banners, brochures and greeting cards. And under all circumstances, they are dedicated to customer satisfaction. No wonder they’ve earned a 4.8 (out of 5) “excellent service” overall score on Collect Reviews. Fully 98% of reviewers would recommend them.

Enjoy free shipping within the US and, as an extra special bonus for John Chow dot Com readers, Print Peppermint has provided an exclusive coupon code. Get 15% off your entire first order when you enter “JohnChowLovesPeppermints!” in the coupon code field during checkout.