An Important Do-Follow Link

I’m always searching for new and creative link building opportunities. My objective has always been to follow Google link building guidelines so it’s important I find ways to utilize high authority websites. For example, recently, I came across the power of press releases and how they can provide value to a page with the right anchor text. Many people believe press release websites are no-follow, but I’m here to tell you, many of them are NOT, including This website not only provides a do-follow like a high authority link building opportunity but I’ve even done research to check if links from these websites show up in the profile and they do. For example, here’s a website that I’ve been researching and I put a screen shot of the link profile below. What’s so amazing is it’s in the top of the list, meaning is a domain of value and do-follow at the same time.

I want to go through the process of “Press Releases” and how you can get your website listed on this awesome website. I’ll even post a quick screenshot of the authority breakdown of

Let’s get started…

What is

Here’s a quick definition from…

“ is a press release distribution service that distributes press releases to online news sites and blogs to help customers with search engine optimization and create buzz about their web site, news or business.”

I’ve been hearing about this website for several years and when I did a quick search of their reputation using, here’s what I found about the domain and URL rank. They have a domain authority of 60/100 and a URL rank of 33/100. Any blogger will tell you a domain rank of above 30 is extremely hard to achieve and this website, which has achieved this number, has been around for years.

Difference in Content Format

You have to understand, when submitting content to press releases, you have to be careful about format. Press Releases are considered news like content and NOT general how-to content you’d publish on your blog. Many of the press release content I’ve observed is based around a…

  • product launch
  • company opening new office
  • company acquisitions

I find it hard to write press release content, however, you can head over to and have someone write it out for you. I’ve found a few gigs perfect to have PR content written, then you can head over to and submit it for approval. Keep in mind, offers several gig upgrades, where they’ll write out the content and submit it to various different PR websites. Just make sure they include because from my research, I know it gets indexed as a do-follow link.

How about Anchor Text?

Here’s something cool… requires the link pointing to your website be in URL format. You won’t be building a link using “targeted” keywords, but However, this is important because Google has stressed a diversified link profile. After the Google Panda and Penguin update, I like to use the following link building strategy. I’ve ranked high competitive websites using a mix of different anchor text. I’ll be posting a case study on this later on, but for the time being, here’s what’s worked well…

  • EXACT match keyword
  • Long-tail keywords
  • LSI (latent semantic indexing)
  • Relevant WITH URL
  • Relevant WITHOUT URL
  • Just URL –

If you’ve been building links using various different channels, then it’s perfectly fine to use to build a direct URL backlink. Just make sure you mix up the link building anchor text through other channels like article directories, blog commenting, etc. is a great way to build a high authority back link to your page. The high domain and URL authority will add value to your website and diversify your link profile. It’s important to always spread out your link building, but when done right, it can definitely help boost your rankings within the SERP’s.

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