Practical Tips For Your Content Strategy

Content marketing is the strategy people are using to dominate the web and it has been proven to be very effective. Content marketing is using strategic methods to sell products and services through your content and has been proven to be very dominant in recent years. The problem is we always hear about content marketing and the type of effect it has on online marketing, but fail to find useful, practical strategies on how to implement. Each blogger will use content marketing their own way which corresponds to their niche and overtime through some of the strategies mentioned below you will be able to optimize your approach.

Here are my practical tips when implementing content marketing in your blogging strategy. Let’s get started…

Ground Work Is Everything

It doesn’t matter what you’re involved in because you need a solid game plan to make sure things go smoothly. It’s important you have a clear vision and know what you would like to accomplish through your content marketing. If you have your objective written out, then you’ll have a guide to follow going forward and this will keep things smooth during the transition. If you have a team working with you than having solid groundwork means they are fully aware of your purpose, objective and are educated along the way. During this step go over all the elements and make sure you find ways to solve issues along the way.

Multiple Channel Approach

I’ve learned that in order for you to get the MOST reach it’s important to take your content along multiple channels. Share your content through guest blogging, social media, community’s and even paid advertising. What does this do? Simple…

It will allow you to multiply your reach quickly and you’ll be able to test what’s working tweaking along the way. Many of the marketing channels can be automated and don’t take as much time to implement as they once did. For example, think about how social media tools you have available to automate your sharing process…right?

It’s practical to use as many marketing channels you have in the beginning then start narrowing down until you find the ones which produce the MOST results.

Repurpose Content

One thing I’ve noticed is that coming up with fresh content ideas can be very overwhelming and takes enormous time. So why not work smarter…right? Check what your competition is doing and revive their content to make it better and more in-depth. For example, you have so many tools like, which will give you a breakdown of the top shared content relevant to the keyword typed during the search process. If you filter the results you can get a great breakdown into how and what visitors have been sharing online. This means you can go on a mission locating better content and tweaking it to include elements which are missing in the others. When I find content being shared millions of times, I will do the following:

  • Find ways to make it better
  • Find out questions people are asking in the comment box
  • Find out what’s trending and updated in the niche or with topic
  • See if these popular pieces of content are missing images and/or videos

Going forward I know what I need to do in order to make my content stand out and make it better than my competitors. I know if my competitor has 10,000+ shares and my content has been revived to be better I should be able to create an immediate buzz online. It’s a fantastic concept and has proved to very valuable in my content marketing. I would revive the content and find clever ways to promote products and services making share my audience understand how they would help.

Wrapping It Up…

Over 7 years I’ve learned to always provide my personal touch to create a connection with my audience. It’s one thing to write about a topic, however, another to show visitors how you use these EXACT methods to increase traffic and brand awareness. This is why I am huge on writing case studies because it’s a play by play on how to use strategies to grow your business. However, case studies do take enormous time, but this doesn’t mean you can’t ask for help by networking with other relevant bloggers.

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