PowerCube by allocacoc Review

The PowerCube is a 2014 reddot award winning product that reimagines the classic power bar. It’s perfect for the mobile blogger or home user.

Designed by allocacoc, the PowerCube allows you to turn a single wall outlet into five sockets, or four sockets plus two USB charging ports. It’s all wrapped up in a 2.5 inch cube that weighs only 10.4 ounces.

Because the sockets are on the sides of the cube, it can easily accommodate big power adaptors with no worries of blocking any of the other sockets. The designer further reduces the chance of blocking by orienting the sockets differently: two of the opposing sockets is aligned in the up-down direction and the other two opposing sockets is aligned in the left-right direction. Very clever.


The PowerCube is available with or without an industrial-grade extension cord. Extension cord models comes with a plastic mount can be snapped on one of the sockets in a snap-and-twist motion. The idea is that you mount the plastic mount underneath a table top using either the two supplied sticky tape or by screws (screws not supplied). Once done you can easily snap a power cube underneath your table. Using the mounting plate with the PowerCube requires the sacrifice of one socket.

For me as a mobile traveler, the PowerCube is ideal. I can easily toss the extension cord free unit into my laptop bag, and have all my devices powered off one cube. The extension cord unit is more suited to home use.

Ranging in price from $15 to $30, the PowerCube is a bit more expensive than the average power strip. However, it’s a lot more versatile and compact. I would never consider taking a power strip with me on a trip, but the PowerCube has found a permanent spot in my travel bag.

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