Post Level Text Link Ads Pricing Explained

Unlike normal Text Link Ads pricing, which is based on Alexa, Google PageRank and other factors, Post Level Text Link Ads pricing is based solely on Google PageRank. The prices for a post level link are as follows.

  • PageRank 2 – $5.00
  • PageRank 3 – $6.00
  • PageRank 4 – $8.00
  • PageRank 5 – $10.00
  • PageRank 6 – $25.00
  • PageRank 7 – $50.00

Posts with a PageRank less than two are not eligible. I haven’t came across any posts with a PageRank of 8 or higher so I have no pricing info on those. My guess would be $100 for PR8 and $200 for a PR9.

Basing post level test link price solely on Google PageRank means blogs of all sites are on the same playing field. A PR4 post on this blog is worth the same as a PR4 post on any other blog. The thinking behind this, and I assuming here, is because these posts are no longer on the front page, most (if not all) of the traffic will come from search engines like Google. The higher the PageRank of a post, the higher the chances of it showing up in a Google search.

This assumes that Google thinks a PR4 post on a PR6 blog is the same as a PR4 post on a PR5 blog. However, I am pretty sure that is not the case. At any rate, sales of the new Post Level TLA have been going well on this blog – I have sold nine spots already and rejected three. Four hundred and fifty four more post link sales and I’ll be sold out. At least until the next Google PageRank update.