Please Push The Green Not Here!

Stephen and I went to the Canadian Passport Office in Richmond today so he can renew his passport. His passport hasn’t expired yet but it’s less than six months away. The problem with that is in order to get a VISA for the China portion of our upcoming trip, his passport can not be more than six months from expiring. So that’s why we’re here.

Like most passport offices, you have to take a number and wait. The number is dispensed by a machine. Just push the green button and it spits out a number. However, judging by the NOT HERE!, it looks like many people push the green on the paper instead of the button. I thought it was pretty funny and had to take a picture of it, which wasn’t easy because cameras, cell phones, etc. are not allowed in the passport office and the security guard sat next to the machine. I had to distract him in order to get the photo.

Hopefully no Canada Passport employees read this blog or I might be in trouble.