Performing A Print Screen – Mac Vs. PC

It’s time for another Mac Vs. PC comparison. Today, we’re going to show how to do a print screen. This is a function that every computer user will have to perform sooner or later. I must admit the first time I got my hands on a Mac, I was confused about the whole print screen thing because a Mac doesn’t have a print screen key. You have to hit a total of three keys to take a screen shot, which seems very un-Mac like.

Helping me do this Mac Vs. PC comparison is Ashley and her trusty Dell Inspiron laptop. I brought out my light as Air MacBook. The comparison would be very straight forward – take a screen shot of a web page and crop it down to size in order to make it fit into a blog post. Ashley demonstrates how to perform this task with the PC and then I show how to do the same thing with the Mac.

This video features an After Effect animation created by Faisal Anwar of UrBanned. Look for it at the end of the video. Enjoy!