Perfect Contest for Perfect Blogging

Stefan over at Perfect Blogging contacted me saying his birthday is coming up and asked if I could do a review of his $1,000 birthday contest. My first thought was I’ll won’t tell anyone and enter myself so I have a much better chance at winning the thousand bucks. Then I discovered that Stefan isn’t really giving $1,000 away to one winner. Instead, he’s giving $50 to 20 winners.

How To Enter

To enter the contest, head over to Perfect Blogging and enter your email address into the RSS by Email box. On February 15th (Stefan’s birthday), Stefan will loaded all confirmed RSS by Email subscribers into a List Randomizer and have it randomly split out 20 entries. Those 20 subscribers will each get $50.

It’s quite clear that Perfect Blogging understands that a blog’s most valuable asset is its RSS subscription base and anything you can do to increase it will help you in the long run. A contest is a great way to get more RSS subscribers. My RSS contest with Shoemoney resulted in me increasing my RSS by 4,691 subscribers in one month.

While winning $50 is not a great a deal as winning $1,000, at least I have 20 shots at it. Perfect Blogging has 129 RSS subscribers right now but I bet less than 20 of them are on RSS by Email. That means my chance of winning is 100%! Of course, once you guys start entering, my odds will go down. But that’s OK. It’ll be really cool to have 20 John Chow dot Com readers take all the money. 😈