Peerless Party – Best View of Las Vegas


The Peerless party was held at the Ghost Bar on the top floor of the Palms resort. The palms is an off the strip casino which has advantages and disadvantages. The main disadvantage is it takes longer to get to. The biggest advantage is the Ghost Bar offers one of the best views of the Las Vegas strip.

One of the nice things about hosting a party at a nightclub is the bar – they can make anything you want and it’s open. Parties like Peerless are a great way to try out new drinks that you normally wouldn’t try – if you don’t like it, just throw it away and order something else. That’s the great thing about an open bar. 😈

The other great thing about the Peerless party is it went on until 1AM. Most CES parties that are hosted at a bar or club ended at 10PM because the bar wants to let regular people in. To hold a popular place like the Ghost Bar until 1AM must have cost a fortune. Another thing that must have cost a pretty penny were those mega-sized chocolate covered strawberries. I went to town on them.