PayPal Shows Off Virtual Debit Card

Now this is a neat idea! PayPal is sending a select group of members to try out the Beta launch of PayPal Virtual Debit Card. What is a virtual debit card?

You can use PayPal Virtual Debit Card when making online purchases anywhere MasterCard is accepted. PayPal Virtual Debit Card generates a virtual card number each time you make a transaction online so you don’t have to use your personal debit or credit card number.

By generating a new virtual card number to use in place of your debit or credit card number, PayPal Virtual Debit Card helps protect your financial information every time you shop. It also saves you time by automatically filling in shipping in billing forms at checkout, protects you from fake eBay and PayPal websites, and offers zero liability on unauthorized purchases made from your account.

The virtual number is a MasterCard number used in place of your credit or debit card number. Each time you make a purchase from a website, a new number is generated. This avoids the problem of having the number stolen. Since it’s only good for one use, it doesn’t matter if someone steals it.

I wonder how Google will respond to this?