Pay Per Click Marketing 72,500% Faster

If you’re a Pay Per Click marketer, then you know how long and tedious a process it can be to create and monitor a campaign. Many tools have been created to help make PPC more efficient and user friendly. One of the most impressive tools I’ve reviewed to date have been SpeedPPC. SpeedPPC is a must have for every serious PPC marketer or anyone thinking about getting into PPC marketing.

Pay Per Click At Warp Speed

SpeedPPC dramatically shorten the time it takes to get a pay per click campaign up and running. How much time would you have to spend in order to create 436 ad group with 1,744 ads to target every major city in the United States, plus make a targeted landing page for 8,720 keywords? Done manually, this process would take a week or longer. With SpeedPC, it can be done in 12 minutes. Don’t believe me? Watch the video and see for yourself.

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SpeedPPC is a suite of tools, all based on ultra-smart methodologies. SpeedPPC’s ground-breaking software tools include a Campaign Builder, Landing Page Generator, and Affiliate Datafeed Software. You can launch powerful PPC marketing campaigns of any volume, quickly and effortlessly. Read how SpeedPPC works here.

Aside from the time saved on new campaigns, the two best features of SpeedPPC include dynamic token insertion and and dynamic landing page generator. With SpeedPPC, searchers in New York searching for “online dating nyc” could get a targeted ad such as:

Searchers clicking the ad will be taken to a dynamic landing page that reflects the same search terms.

Because of the extremely tight targeting due to the dynamic token insertion and landing page generation, you have a much higher chance at converting the visitors into sales. That means higher quality score, lower PPC cost and more money in your pocket. If you’re not excited about SpeedPPC at this point, then Pay Per Click marketing isn’t for you.

How Much Does All This Cost?

SpeedPPC is available in two packages; SpeedPPC and SpeedPPC Affiliate Pro. The following chart shows the difference between them.

At only $100 more, SpeedPPC Affiliate Pro is definitely the better value of the two. This is especially true if you’re an affiliate who deals with data feeds like I do.

Some may bark at the nearly $500 price for SpeedPPC but if you look at it from a productivity standpoint, it’s really inexpensive. How much is it worth to you to reduce a week of work down to 12 minutes? I don’t know about you, but for me, it’s worth way more than a measly $500!

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