Over $12,000 Raised for Union Gospel Mission

I want to thank all the readers who helped out the Union Gospel Mission this Christmas by donating to their Christmas dinner drive. Thanks to your support, we’ve raised a whopping $12,434.97 to help feed the hungry men and women of Vancouver.

It all started when I donated $5,000 to the UGM and asked my readers to match the donation. You came through big time. Not only did you matched the $5,000, you’ve exceeded it. Special recognition goes out to Quinton Pullen. Quinton donated $1,000 the last time I did a matching drive for the UGM. This time, he initiated a matching challenge at his office and raised over $5,000! Way to go Quinton!

A big thank you and shout out goes to all the readers who made a donation. You have made a differences.

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Once again, thanks to everyone who donated. You’ve proven that even in tough economic times, things are never so tough that we can’t help other people. That is the true meaning of Christmas and you’ve proven it!