Outline For Affiliate Marketing

I recently received a copy of Affiliate Outline by Tim Schroeder. Some of you may remember Tim as the man who misspelled my name in what maybe considered the world’s first Google IM ad. I forgave Tim for that little slip because it seeded an idea to hit other bloggers with IM ads. I’ve done so many that I’ve been credited with the whole idea. However, Tim was the first.

Tim is a multi-talented guy. In addition to running Webmaster Talk, Tim is also an accomplished affiliate marketer. In fact, he derives most of his Internet income from it. Affiliate marketing, when done correctly, is a huge moneymaker. Affiliate sale is this blog’s third biggest income source, accounting for over $1,000 of the blog’s $7,011.05 February income. However, I expect affiliate sale to take a bigger share of income in the coming months.

What Is Affiliate Outline

Affiliate Outline is just that – an outline on how to do affiliate marketing. The eBook, geared towards both beginners and expert affiliate marketers, is a no fluff, get to the point type of book. It’s only 63 pages long and should take no more than an hour to read. If you already have a fairly good understanding of affiliate marketing you can skim over the first half until you get to page 33. That’s when the good stuff starts.

Affiliate Outline is the first eBook I’ve been featured in. I’m listed as resource and Tim use this blog as an example in the section about Google Adwords site targeting. Tim does offer some really nice tips that many newbie affiliate marketers may not know about. An example would be not to brother with low commission offers. Why promote books from Amazon.com for 5% when you can make $200 for getting people to sign up for an American Express Business Gold Rewards Card?

Tim has set his eBook at a special launch price of $67.00. I would say you could get 90% of the information on Affiliate Outline right here on this blog. The remaining 10% you’ll be able to find in forums and other blogs (or I will eventually write about it). For many people, time is money and they rather just pay the $67 to get all the information in one place instead of searching all over the Internet for it. If you’re that kind of person and you want to give affiliate marketing a try, then Tim’s book maybe worth looking at.

This gives me an idea. I should take all my blog posts on making money with a blog, repackage it and then sell it as an eBook. Would anybody buy it?

*Disclosure statement – There’s a couple of affiliate links in this post. Can you figure out which ones? I’ll give you a hint. It’s the eBook and the Amex!