One Secret To No Guest Post Rejections

Everyone knows how to build a popular blog. It is high quality content combined with high quality traffic. Without one or the other your blog will ultimately fail.

Building a popular blog isn’t some close guarded secret. I’ve seen popular blogs rise up in days, literally. How do they do it? Rock solid content. Whether you write your blog’s articles or you pay someone to write them, rock solid content is the only possible way to build a popular blog.

How will rock solid content help generate traffic? Again, I’m telling you there is absolutely no secret. You don’t see any popular blogs handing out any bad content. Therefore, work hard to produce content, and don’t publish it unless it is irresistible to your readers!

Are you ready to fire up some guest posts? First, I’m not going to sit down and tell you, if you start your guest post message with, “Are you having a great day?” will increase your guest post success rate by 0.0001%. Instead, you need to stick with rock solid content. (Getting sick of rock solid content? It’s what it takes to become a popular blogger.)

How do you produce rock solid content? I always spend a minimum of two hours writing any and every article. No matter how long or short it becomes, I still spend at least two hours. This will help you produce rock solid content!

There are two different methods of submitting guest posts. You can first go straight to the contact page of a website and throw your article together, then after 2 weeks no response…or…

You have option two, you can use a new site called, Who’s Your Blogger? Basically it speeds up the guest blogging process, and gives guest posters an even greater opportunity to become accepted.

I’d love to hear what you think of guest blogging, and if rock solid content is really the strategy to use. Share your ideas and opinions in your comments below!

This was a guest post by Joe Burnett