On The Lab With Leo Laporte


You know the old saying, “When you’re hot, you’re hot!” Well the John Chow marketing train is pretty much on fire. I can now add television to my list of tier-one media coverage. Look for me on the July 3rd episode of The Lab With Leo Laporte.

The Lab with Leo had me on as a guest to talk about making money from blogging. It was a pretty good experience. I haven’t gone through makeup since filming the first season for The 4400 TV series (that’s for another story).

Leo Laporte is an award-winning technology journalist, best-selling author and broadcaster. In addition to his many years hosting Call for Help and The Screen Savers, Leo hosts the syndicated radio program The Tech Guy, and continues to work on a number of podcasts on the TWiT.tv network. The Lab with Leo is his newest venture. It’s like a cross between Call For Help and The Screen Savers.

The Lab with Leo Laporte airs on the How To Channel in Australia and G4 Tech TV in Canada. Please check your local listings for show times.