On The Cover of The Province Newspaper

I made the cover of today’s The Province newspaper. I am featured along with Markus Frind of Plenty of Fish and super domainer, Kevin Ham. This has to be one of the fastest photo to print interviews I’ve ever done. Both the interview and photo session was done on Friday in time for the Sunday edition.

The Province interviewed myself and Markus as part of a profile of BC’s Dot Com moguls. Kevin Ham did not return calls by The Province but was featured because he controls 300,000 domain names worth an estimated $300 million. I think the main thing you can learn from the article is that there are more than one way to make money off the Internet.


The last time I made the cover of a major media outlet was when the Ming Pao featured me on the cover of their magazine. Making the cover of The Province is an even bigger coup because the paper, along with the Vancouver Sun, is the biggest in BC. You can read the article here.