Olloclip 3-In-One Lens Adapter for iPhone 4/4S Review

The Olloclip is a 3-in-one lens adapter that turns your iPhone 4 and 4S into a photo and video taking machine. Originally started as a Kickstarter company, Olloclip has turned their little adapter into a thriving business.

The Olloclip is extreme easy to use. Just snap it over the lens of your iPhone and you’ll be able to capture a lot more of the image thanks to the wide angle and fisheye lens. You can also get extreme close up details with the macro lens. The entire assembly fits into your pocket, allowing you to take the Olloclip with you anywhere you go.

The one downside of the Olloclip is it only works with a naked iPhone. If you have a case, which many users do, you will have to remove it before you can put on the lens. This will be a no starter for many users. It is possible to fit the lens over an iPhone protected by an Invisible shield, but it’s really tight and I don’t recommend it. I had no problems using the Olloclip with a “naked” iPhone. I just had to keep reminding myself to hold the iPhone extra securely.

You won’t be able to use the iPhone LED flash with the Olloclip. The flash gets covered by the Olloclip housing. The iPhone power button is covered over as well. However, it’s very easy to slide the clip over to access the power button.

Image quality of the Olloclip is quite good. Except for the outer edges of the wide angle and fish eye, photos and video reminded pretty sharp. The macro lens was great for taking still photos. It has limited use in video mode.

My favorite lens is the fisheye. It’s the most fun and offers the biggest wow factor. It will never equal the quality my GoPro Hero2, but the Olloclip doesn’t cost anywhere near as much as the GoPro.

I use my iPhone for all my photos and videos now. It’s just so much easier to carry a single device instead of two or three. At $69.99, the Olloclip will turn your iPhone into a very versatile video system. If you don’t mind using your iPhone naked, the Olloclip is the lens adapter to get.

Olloclip 3-In-One Lens Adapter for iPhone 4/4S