Niche Based Demand

In Part 1, I discussed how many people start their blog based on their passion. However, today, I’d like to discuss starting a blog based on demand, which is much harder because you are going against your niche. This method is simply based on the amount of money you can make within a specific niche, for example, a massive industry like health, love, wealth, etc. I know many of my clients have started a blog simply because they know if they keep pushing forward, then they’ll make enormous money because of the demand. As mentioned, this route tends to be much harder simply because if you see NO results in the beginning, you have a higher chance of simply giving up.

I get asked: If you were going to use this approach, what are the top niches you would focus on? I have mentioned this above, and speaking statistically, they would be: health, wealth, and romance. All “3” have a special connection with people and it’s much easier to sell a product when you can build an emotional connection with your audience. Let’s explore this route a bit further, and your feedback will be appreciated…

Part 2 – Niche Based Demand

To summarize…

This type of business focuses on demand, and what type of products people are looking for right now. You won’t necessarily have a passion for the niche, but are only in it because the demand is massive, which increases the conversion rate going forward. Remember, it’s much easier selling a product when there is massive demand because you have that much bigger audience.

Personally, with this option, you are floating in dangerous territory because unlike following your passion, you have no emotional connection to keep pushing you forward if all else fails. I’m going to be honest, making money online is very difficult, and seeing results early is very unlikely so the chances of failure have just increased. However, if you have self-control, then this might NOT be a bad route for you to take going forward.

Let’s explore some ways for you to find niches that have enormous demand.

Forums – Just like finding questions for a niche that is your passion, you can use forums to find popular niches. You’ll notice the MOST popular niches have a lot of communities. Head over to Google and type “health + forums”, and you’ll notice three pages full of popular busy forums. Take some time and do forum research by typing in keywords + forums then skimming through.

Google Trends – The cool thing about Google Trends is you’ll be able to go through categories if you’re unsure about specific keywords to type in. For example, head over to Google Trends right now and you’ll notice a drop-down labelled “All Categories”. From here, you can filter through looking for high demand niches, which you can then transform into blogs. I would recommend taking the keyword and performing further research to ensure you can come up with the right content ideas.

Google Search – This one’s pretty easy…

Start by typing in random keywords and checking what type of engagement some of the other blogs have within the niche. You’ll know if the blog is popular by checking out content, social shares, comments, etc.

Social Media – An amazing channel to find topics that are HOT. Many of these popular social media channels have tools that will allow you to filter #hashtags & searches. Find some of the online marketing tools then go through looking for the MOST popular search phrases. You can then filter them, and conduct even more research to ensure you have a niche that can be built into a business.

I would suggest starting with the three popular social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Google +.

What now…

After you have performed your research, start creating a list, looking for a pattern. Once you notice a pattern, you’ll be able to start being selective about the niche you’ll like to get into going forward. This will help you do further research into the niche, coming up with topic ideas for your content. Your business blog will depend heavily on the content and value you provide to your users.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have learned 2 awesome ways to come up with ideas for your blog, let’s explore choosing the right domain name. We’ll be discussing domain names in Part 3 of our awesome series and the importance of choosing the right extension. You’ll learn about EMD (exact match domains), and if they make a difference when ranking your website.

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