Niceyrig Camera Cage for Sony A7IV Unboxing and Review

The Niceyrig camera cage for the Sony A7IV is the best looking and most affordable full featured camera cage you can buy for the Sony camera. It cost less than $50.

The Niceyrig Form-fitted Camera Cage 505 for the Sony Alpha 7 IV camera provides multiple mounting options to create the ultimate filmmaker camera rig. The cage offers good protection for your cameras and features Arri locating hole and cold shoe mount on top to attach top handles, microphones, LED lights, monitors, etc.

The left side of this cage is integrated with an Arri rosette mount and NATO rail. On the right side is a handgrip with a strap hole so you can get a comfortable grip experience. There are multiple 3/8 and quarter 20 thread holes through out the cage. Additionally, the cage features an Arca Swiss bottom plate so you can mount it to any Arca Swiss compatible tripod.

The best part of the Niceyrig cage for the Sony A7IV is the price. At less than $50, it’s the most affordable full cage you can buy for the the Sony camera. It’s also the best looking.