New LooK For Laptop Gamers

I spent most of today giving Laptop Gamers a new look. The old site used the default Joomla template and it didn’t have that finished look to it. The new template looks much better than before but I still need more work on the header. I want to put some graphics in there but my skills at Photoshop aren’t up to the task. I will have to assign this job to someone else.

In addition to Laptop Gamers new Look, I also spent some time tweaking the ad placements. I added a 728 x 15 Google Ad Link under the navigation bar. I have a feeling that will perform quite well. I’ve also added a 468 Google ad above the main content. That location has worked very well at The TechZone and I’m hoping it will produce the same good results here.

As an updated to the Laptop Gamers case study, the site is currently at 35,000 page view so far this month. This figure is higher than the page views Laptop Gamers did for all of January. The site’s biggest day was last Monday, where it did 8,500 page views.

So far this month the site has made $77.79 from Google, $87.50 from Vibrant Media and $53.50 from my TTZ Media Network, for a total 8 day income of $218.79. That works out to $27.35 per day. If this average holds, Laptop Gamer will make $765.80 for February. That’s well ahead of the $272.50 the site made in January.

The tweaks I made today should increase the income. Both Google and TTZ Media Networks ads has been performing poorly this month, hence the need for tweaking. There is no magic formula here. It’s just a bunch of trail and error. You just have to tweak until you get it right. Then you tweak it some more. I’ll post the final figures when the month is over.