New HRE Competition Wheels

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You know, nothing dresses up a car more than a new set of wheels. Even if that car is the new 505HP Corvette Z06, a new set of wheels can really make it stand out. The Z06 pictured above is wearing the new C-Series Competition wheels from HRE, one of the world’s finest wheel maker.

The Comp wheels are targeted to high end cars and are available in widths from 7.5″ to 13″ steam rollers. The Z06 is wearing 18×10 at the front and 19×12 at the back, on stock Goodyear tires. To keep weight as low as possible, the wheels come with titanium fasters. These wheels don’t come cheap. HRE is not only one of the best wheel makers in the world, they’re also one of the most expensive wheel makers in the world. The Comp-21 you see on the Z06 cost over $8,000. Yes that is a stupid amount of money to pay for some wheels but SW, the owner of the Vette, got the wheels for “only” $6,300 because his company is a HRE dealer.