New Colors & Advertising Stuff

I’ve been fooling around with the colors on the blog today. I wanted to get away from the green and go to a more business like blue. I also made the blog title a bit bigger so the brand stands out more.

Besides a desire to update the colors, another reason for the change is I’m coming across too many other blogs using the same theme I’m using. There is nothing wrong with this and I tell anyone who emails me where to get the theme. However, I feel it’s time to make the blog look a little different than the default theme. I hope you like the changes. Comments are welcome.

First Direct Ad Sale

I made my first direct ad sale! NewToTech is a forum for anyone who is new to tech (Doh!). The forum is own by my loser friend Jon Waraas. His ad will be on the blog for the next six day (unless he renews). I wish him good luck with the new site. Please check it out and if you are new to the world of tech, considering signing up.

Buying Some Paid Posts

I decided to explore PayPerPost more closely. This time as an advertiser. I ordered up 15 reviews of John Chow dot Com. If you’re a PayPerPost publisher then here’s your chance to review my blog and make some money at the same time.

The review of my blog must be at least 200 words long, the tone is neutral (you can be positive or negative, up to you), and pays $5.00. You can view the full opportunity details here. I hope that you will have more good than bad things to say.