Net Income with John Chow dot Com

For those who missed the live broadcast of me taking over Net Income with Jeremy Schoemaker, Webmaster Radio has put up the link to the MP3 file.

Everyone who listened in on the live broadcast last Tuesday knew the show experienced technical problems at around the the 35 minute mark and went off the air. If you want to hear what happened during the rest of the show, you can now find out. It’s really good, especially toward the 50 minute mark when the cow got mad at us.

I had a really good time hosting the show. I am looking forward to doing it again. I’ve been talking to Nate Whitehill, Ed Lau and Greg Morgan and we think it would be a cool idea to add podcasting or video casting to this blog. We had a blast making those videos for Ed and Michael’s hockey blog contest. We may do another video after next Saturday’s Dot Com Pho.

Please enjoy the show and let me know how you like it.