MyBlogLog Open To Attacks

This morning, while I was checking my MyBlogLog community, I noticed that another site has mysteriously appeared on the list of sites and blog I author.


I don’t know what site that is or how it got there but it seems someone has figured out a way to get their blog listed in the Sites and Blogs I Author section of MyBlogLog members. Checking out the mystery blog shows the spammer managed to get himself listed onto other MyBlogLog accounts, including Shoemoney.


It’s clear the spammer is targeting popular MyblogLog communities to get his site in front of as many people as possible. So far, it looks like I’m the only one who has removed the offending blog. No doubt the spammer planned his attack on the weekend thinking the blog owners will be away till Monday.

MyblogLog seems to be growing faster than the Yahoo can handle. Spam is becoming a major problem and there are countless exploits that a spammer can use to gain access to the community. Yahoo needs to shut this crap down before MyBlogLog becomes another MySpace.