MyAvatars Finally Updates Their Plugin

I wrote about MyAvatars For MyBlogLog back in February. The WordPress Plugin shows MyBlogLog avatars in the blog comments so you can put a face to the commentator as well as the recent readers. The plugin is very popular and used by a tons of blog. However, over the months, MyBlogLog updated their site a few times and that created some conflicts with MyAvatars. I was getting many red X where the pictures should go. Fortunately, has released an update that fixed all the known issue. Among the new features are:

  • Added nofollow for avatars (from 0.2b)
  • “No image bug” solved (from 0.2b)
  • Title attribute for avatars in english (from 0.2b)
  • “Big images” bug fixed (from 0.2a)
  • Improved XHTML validation (but we still use onload=””) (from 0.2)
  • Gravatar support (not active by default) (from 0.2)
  • Trackbacks/Pingback support (from 0.2)
  • Support for blogs with more than 1 author, works very well (from 0.2)
  • Separated CSS Style (from 0.2)
  • Email address is now safe!!! (from 0.2)
  • Customizable title for the avatars (from 0.2)
  • Gets MyBlogLog avatars of your commenters
  • Links directly to their MyBlogLog profiles
  • Easy installation & template integration
  • Added email support for retrieving profiles (from 0.1a)
  • If not MyBlogLog member will prompt the registration page (from 0.1a)

Upgrading to the new MyAvatars plugins is extremely easy – just upload and replace the old files if you’re upgrading from MyAvatars 0.2a. If you are upgrading from MyAvatars 0.1a, you may want to read the instructions first.