My Vancouver Internet Marketers Meetup Presentation

For those who couldn’t make it, here is a video from my presentation from last Tuesday’s Vancouver Internet Marketers Meetup at J Lounge. The video is 1 hour and 20 minutes long and includes the Q&A. I recommend you find a comfortable chair and get some popcorn.

My presentation went over the 8 ways to make money online presentation I made at Freelance Camp but I really only concentrated on one particular way: launching your own product. The meetup was a complete sell out with 100 people attending and judging by some of the comments left at the site, it was a complete success.

“ The info John provided blew my mind. I now know why what I’ve done in the past had failed, and what I can do to make it work. ”

“ Thanks, John, for sharing so much information. It was invaluable and worth adding my name to your list 🙂 ”

“ Thank you Josh, for organizing such a great meet-up. John was a great speaker. He was amusing but at the same time very honest and to the point. ”

“ I had a great time at John Chow’s presentation. As someone who’s read almost everything out there on Internet Marketing, I actually picked up some great tips. I’ll be sharing some of them on my blog. Let’s hear more from John… I’m sure he could give another excellent presentation on the “8 Ways to Make Money Online.”

Finding a place to host the video proved to be extremely difficult. YouTube allowed files up to 2GB but limited the video to 10 minutes in length unless you’re a YouTube content partner, which I’m not. Vimeo doesn’t have a time limit but set the upload limit to 500MB unless you have a premium account, which I no longer have. Other video sharing services either had too little space or too little time. In the end, I decided to host the video on my Amazon S3 account. Enjoy!

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