My Rapid Video Blogging Gear

Since Gideon Shalwick of Rapid Video Blogging made a video about his blogging gears and setup, I figured I would do the same. My video blogging gear is a bit different from Gideon’s but they both achieve the same thing in the end, which is to make money!

Unlike Gideon, who uses a Flip Ultra HD digital camcorder, I use a Canon SD980 digital camera. For finer work, I will use the Canon HFS100 AVCHD camcorder.

Editing the video is handled by a 13″ or 15″ Macbook Pro using iMovie 09. When I need to do a screen cast, the program of choice is Snapz Pro X by Ambrosia Software.

I do not use any studio setup with fancy lighting or green screen. All my videos are shot on location with whatever lighting is available at the time. When I am traveling light, I will just bring the SD980. If I require higher quality or if I’m filming in low light situations, I will use the HFS100.

The following video was shot while I was visiting friends in Bellevue, Washington and was filmed, edited and uploaded to YouTube in less than an hour. It really is amazing how far video has come in only a few years. It wasn’t very long ago when it would have taken days and cost tens of thousands to be able to shoot a video like this.