My Presentation At WordPress Camp Vancouver

Here are some video highlights from my presentation at the Tazzu WordPress Camp at the Network Hub. With the exception of the venue being too small, the event went off amazingly well. Originally, Tazzu was expecting between 30 to 40 people to attend. However, once word got out about it, the RSVP went through the roof. Almost 100 people showed up and it was sitting/standing room only.

Most of the famous local bloggers came out to the event, including Miss 604, who talked about adding Flickr images to WordPress, and Lisa Bettany, the Internet’s 5th to 7th sexiest geek depending on which list you read.

I started the presentation by asking how many people have a blog and watched most of the hands go up. Then I asked how many make money from their blog and watched most of the hands go down. That’s about what I expected. You can watch my highlights below or check out the photos uploaded to Flickr by some of the attendees. I especially like this photo taken by Amanda Abrams.

Tazzu WordPress camp – Part 1

Tazzu WordPress camp – Part 2