My Keynote Speaking Setup for The 2010 SATW Convention

My Keynote Setup

I’ve been invited to give the keynote address to the 2010 Society of American Travel Writers convention in Germany. This will be one of the most important keynotes I will ever do. From what I can tell, the SATW holds their convention in a different place every year and cities bid for them to come. This actually makes a lot of sense. If you’re the head of tourism for your country, wouldn’t you want 400+ travel writers to come and write about how great your cities are?

The convention is spread across two cities. We will start in Dresden and finish in Leipzig. The final gala dinner will be held at the Porsche factory. It’s pretty clear to me that Germany is going all out to give these travel writers a truly memorable experience.

For the past few days, I’ve been working on a keynote that I hope will be up to the standards of a convention at this level. Helping me deliver this speech is an awesome lineup of Apple technology. I’ll be delivering the slides using Apple Keynote and a Macbook Pro. To make sure I stay on track, I loaded up Teleprompt+ onto my iPad. Teleprompt+ is an awesome iPad app and one I recommend to every keynote speaker. It has a wide range of speed adjustments and can even record your voice as well.

I’ll be flying to Germany this Thursday and speaking on Saturday. Wish me luck!