My First Vancouver Blogger Meetup


We headed downtown to the “Chateau” Granville last night for a meetup with some local Vancouver bloggers. Founded on October 8, 2002, The Vancouver Blogger Meetup Group has 220 members and has held 35 meetsup so far. The group is made up of people in Vancouver interested in blogging – from beginners to experts. They meet once a month, usually around the middle of the month.

I found out about the group from Gary at BlueFur Web Hosting and decided to check it out. Aside from everyone being a blogger, the people in the group doesn’t seem to have much in common. They range in age from 17 to 50 and come from different backgrounds. No one in the group made money by blogging.

I really didn’t know what kind of reaction the group would have towards me. I figure it would either be “OMG! You make money by blogging? How do you do it?” or “OMG! You make money by blogging? Shame on you!” Luckily, a few people in the group did know who I was.

The Worst Hamburger In The World


It may look OK in the photo but this is the worst hamburger in the world. The meat was dry and hard as a rock. The cook must have lost his taste buds because he put so much salt on it, you can call it a salt burger. The thing was pretty much inedible. Do not order the “Chateau” Burger at the “Chateau” Granville. The place is really a Best Westin.

Bad burgers aside, I had a good time networking with the bloggers at the meetup. Many of them expressed a high interest in blog monetization and traffic building. Any of them should be able to make money from blogging because they already have the first ingredient to making money by blogging, and that is they’re not blogging for money.