My DealDotCom Results So Far

This post will serve two purposes. The first is to show my results so far from DealDotCom. The second is to satisfy a ReviewMe request from them. I guess they felt I wasn’t writing enough about them.

What is Deal Dot Com?

For those who have been living under a rock and don’t know what DealDotCom is, then check out this blog post for a refresher. In a nutshell, DealDotCom is a Woot! style site dealing in Internet marketing products. Every night at midnight a new product is offered for sale and once it’s sold out, nothing else is offered until midnight the next day.

DealDotCom’s claim to fame is its two-tier affiliate program. You get 35% commission on tier one and 15% on tier two. Unlike other affiliate programs that place a time limit on your commissions, the DealDotCom commission is forever. It doesn’t matter if the person you referred buys something today or fifty years from now – you’re going to get paid. What’s more, anyone that they refer to DealDotCom goes on your second tier. Anything people on your second tier buy nets you a 15% commission.

My DealDotCom Results So Far

Since joining DealDotCom last Friday, I have managed to referred 239 affiliates into the program. Those 239 affiliates (known as queen bees) managed to sign up another 200 affiliates (known as worker bees), bringing my total network size to 439 affiliates.



The thing I like about the DealDotCom stats reporting is it tells you who your affiliates are and where they live. Well, the name is limited to a username but at least this way, if you referred someone and you don’t see them on your list, you can find out what happen instead of wondering if that person was included in the affiliate count. So how much money have I made from DealDotCom?


DealDotCom has been live for three days and I’ve made $201.62 so far. The day is not over yet so I expect the final three-day total to be a little higher but not by much because today’s item cost just $1.00.

You will notice that most of the commission came from sales of WP Affiliate Pro. I earned $8.05 for tier 1 and $3.45 for tier 2. The program sold for $49.88 so some people may wonder how $8.05 and $3.45 works out to 35% and 15% commission. The answer is the 35% and 15% is the commissions from DealDotCom’s profit. In this case, DealDotCom made $23 per sale. Of that, $8.05 went to tier one, $3.45 went to tier two and $11.50 (50%) went to DealDotCom. Today’s $1.00 item was given to DealDotCom for free. That’s why the commission is 35 cents and 15 cents.

My experience with DealDotCom in the short time I have used it has been quite favorable. DealDotCom works because it’s a win-win-win situation. The buyers are happy because they get something at a nice discount. The sellers are happy because they move more products. The affiliates (us) are happy because we make money with the deal.

Want $1,000 from DealDotCom?

DealDotCom has started a $1,000 contest for the best DealDotCom infomercial. Make a 3-5 minute video explaining the benefits of the site, upload it to YouTube and send the URL to with your full name and your DealDotCom user name. On Thursday Sept, 27 at midnight, DealDotCom will narrow the submitted videos down to the final 10, and let you vote to decide the winner.

It sounds great but there is a catch. The $1,000 is not in cash – it’s a credit to buy $1,000 of stuff from DealDotCom. There will probably have a few runner-up prizes as well. Maybe we’ll try to make a DealDotCom infomercial after this Saturday’s Dot Com Pho. I’m sure we can make a funny one. And I’m sure there’ll be a panda in it.