Must Remember To Check That Spam Folder

Normally, I check my spam folder everyday to see if any legit emails got flagged as spam by mistake. However, for the past few days, I have completely forgotten about it. I think this was due to my recent upgrade to Office 2007 (MS sent me a free copy). I guess I spent the past few days getting to know all the fancy new features that the spam folder kinda went invisible. By the time I finally got around to checking the junk email files, there were over 2,000 emails in it.

At first I thought about just hitting the Empty “Junk Email” Folder button, but decided to go through all the spam instead. An hour later, I recovered about 25 legit emails, including 12 make money online reviews. That means the review backlog just got another batch added.

It’s amazing the level of spam I get on a daily basis. I have a spam killer at the server level and at the MS Outlook level and those spammers still get through. I know that MS is working on a new email system that they claim will stop spam cold and kill the entire spam industry. However, it’s still a few years away.

I need to find a better spam filtering solution. The current setup is nice but because I have the security settings at the highest level, some legit emails will get flagged. I could lower the security but then more spam will show up in my Inbox and enough get through as it is.

If you sent me a review recently and haven’t seen it on the blog, wait until batch 81. If you still don’t see it, then email me again. I’ll be checking the spam folder more often.