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Many bloggers still don’t understand the importance of testing, why it’s so important in ensuring you’re getting your content to the right audience with optimal conversion rate. It’s been stated the reason it works so well is because you have so many ways to promote your content and blog that some definitely perform better than others. If you can differentiate between those strategies, providing results compared to those which are a waste of time, you can quickly increase your engagement, traffic, etc. Next,

The objective is to win customers by utilizing marketing strategies that are effective. The importance of testing cannot be underestimated. Today, I’ll be discussing the following…

  • Marketing strategies you need to test
  • FREE testing tools

Let’s get started…

What Should You Be Testing?

What you test will depend on your niche but there are a few universal elements that should be tested, no matter what your niche. For example,

Landing page funnel is often overlooked and you should always test it to ensure you’re getting the highest conversion rates. It’s often been said that email subscription is the best way to remarket your blog because through a follow-up sequence, you can keep bringing people back to you blog for FREE. However, many bloggers setup a landing page and leave it alone, hoping that’ll it convert. This is the wrong approach and you’ll be losing opportunities to win over customers. The objective is to get visitors to subscribe so you can win them over by sending them valuable information in the form of follow-up messages. However, it’s important to test what gets you the highest conversion rate. Try the following…

  • Test landing page titles and description
  • Test call-to-action
  • Test images and video
  • Test different forms and location
  • Test timing and type (pop-up, inline, etc.)


It’s important to test the different type of content on your blog. For example, I know specific type of content gets higher engagement than others so will focus on creating more desired content. It’s actually very easy to determine what content resonates with people by looking over comments and social shares. You can also check keywords you’re currently ranking for because you’ll be surprised how many people have linked to your content without your knowledge.

These are the “2” direct elements that have an effect on customer conversions. Both factors can be used to market to your customers, either through a solid funnel or content marketing. You should test each of them to ensure highest conversion rate.

FREE Testing Tools

I’m going to quickly mention “3” tools I use to track how well my marketing efforts are converting. First, I’ll use the built in testing tool provided by my ESP. This I’ll utilize to track conversion rates on my newsletters and email opt-in forms. My research has shown me a conversion rate of 20%+ is optimal but you should keep testing to increase until it begins to drop. The point it starts to drop, you know the previous form gave you the best email conversions. Next,

I’ll use Google Analytics to track visitor, landing page, and geo-location to find out where and how my visitors engage with my content. You should focus on the pages with the highest conversion rate then find ways to convert on them. For example, if I know 50% of my visitors are landing on “, then I should add an opt-in form because it will increase the chances of subscribers. Later, I can win over my customers with a series of high quality follow-ups providing value.

Social media is a great way to determine what content your audience enjoys. For example, through they’re “share” pattern, I know what content resonates with them so I can focus on writing that much more. Next, if I can’t write content because of a busy schedule, I can hire someone, but direct them in the right direction. The point is it’s widely believed the higher social shares on a particular content, the more engaging it is. This element, again, is not hard to track because you have to focus on favorites, total shares, and “retweets”.


Here’s something cool many people don’t know about…

Copy and paste your URL in this FREE tool provided by Here’s an example using The web analyzer will do its job and provide you with a set of results. Next, if you skim over to “Social Media Analysis”, you’ll get a breakdown of the highest shared content on your website by Total Shares.

Skim through the results, and you can find out what content is resonating with your readers and can either update, create, and optimize the content. Through this simple technique, you’re able to win over customers by creating content that resonates with them more than others. Here’s something else…

Take the URL of the page and type it into It’ll show you all the people who shared that content and when you create similar content, you can contact each one of them asking for feedback and to share it with their followers. They’ve already shared similar content you’ve written before so will more than likely share this content, too.

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