More Productivity Tips for WordPress Bloggers

It’s no secret that WordPress is the blogging platform choice for online marketing. WordPress is very easy to use and provides you with an all-in-one solution to get things up and running quickly. Once you purchase WordPress, you can install WordPress with a click of a button and start building your website. Head to the backend and use their easy interface to do the following:

  • Install a theme
  • Customize
  • Install plug-ins
  • Shift layouts

After, you can focus on promoting your blog while increasing your brand awareness. However, I believe your business is only as good as what you put in. If you put in 100% then you’re going to get 100% back. Anything less means you’re going to get the same in return, so stay productive and focused at all times. Many people will admit it’s very hard to stay focused and productive, especially when blogging is your full time business. You sometimes get side tracked with networking, marketing, and events. I want to take this time to discuss some WordPress productivity tips that I know will help you stay grounded and focused at all times. I have written extensively about it in the past and want to go through some of the basics again.

Let’s get started.

Always Schedule in Advance

As an online marketer and blogger you’re going to have to make sure your ready for the worst case scenario. Over the years, some things have become very clear to me and I’ll list them below.

First, your blog is ONLY as good as the content and value you write so it’s important you make sure you have a consistent publishing schedule. This means to make sure you have content ready and scheduled just in case the unfortunate happens. You want to make sure you have content that will be automatically published even if you are NOT around to do it yourself. WordPress has a built in interface that will allow you to upload posts and schedule when you want them to go live.

My point is this…

Make sure you are ready for the unfortunate so that you can keep publishing in a worst case scenario. If you are a sole blogger then take the right steps, but if you have a team, then it might NOT as difficult to maintain your content writing. The next step will help you make sure you have a solid posting schedule.

Write in Bulk

This is very important and with more content comes a better chance you have posts available when you need them. I’m not going to go deep into this factor but here are a few things you can do to make sure things go as smoothly as possible.

Dedicate a Day – Every day, I write about 3-4 posts and this is when I dedicate the entire day. It works great for me because other days, I’m busy with so many other things.

Hire Someone – If you have a budget, you can always hire someone who is an expert in your niche to write content for you. This doesn’t need to be every day, however, it can be on those weeks you know you have other commitments.

Ask Your Team – I’m a single blogger but I know some authority blogs have a team. These people all take turns writing content, which works out great because it takes the burden off one blogger to get the job done.

SEO Plug-ins

One of the hardest things before publishing content is SEO, however, you have cool plug-ins that’ll do MOST of the work for you. I use Yoast SEO and All-In-One SEO, which have proven to be very helpful right before I publish a post. For example, once I’m done writing, I can easily use the fields at the bottom to guide my SEO efforts. The plug-ins asks me for a focus keyword then ask me to base the following around the “target” keyword:

  • Meta title
  • Meta description
  • Keywords

It’ll also check if I have the keywords in my title and URL, etc., which is perfect for indexing and rankings.

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