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Welcome to Part 2 of my Top Content Marketing Tools series and I’ll be finishing off this series by discussing “4” awesome tools recommended by authority bloggers. Each one has been proven to help streamline your content marketing so you can stay ahead of your competition. Some tools I’ve recommend are FREE and some are paid, but with a FREE trial before hand.

Your feedback will be appreciated and let’s jump right into the series.

Once you’ve created high value content, it’s important you get it on different channels to increase visibility. This tool will help you connect with the right people who are NOT only relevant, but also have influence within your niche. If you’re a serious blogger, then you’re going to be writing a lot of content and need to find a quick way to promote it. This tool will compress all the important elements of content marketing into a single platform. You can create a list of relevant people and their content information so you can contact them all at once later on.

After compiling the list, use email and social media to reach out to them for feedback, with some more than happy to share while others are willing to work with you so it’s mutually beneficial. or Zemanta

Both have a similar interface and work in the same way, but the pricing is different. I’ve tested one of them before and was pleased with but the platform they advertise your content on benefits some niches more than others. For example, some popular websites include:

  • Time In
  • New York Post
  • People
  • CNN Travel
  • And many more

You have to upload your URL and the tool will pull the relevant information. After, you can start testing and tweaking to make sure you find the right ROI and networks. It’s a great way to promote your content on some of the largest networks.

A great tool for Twitter and has integration for the other networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. As you get busier, it’s important you have some automation in place to promote your content and this tool is right for you. Another cool element of this tool is it will provide statistics on clicks on what content type. This can be matched with content date and time to compile a great analytical chart of when your niche is MOST active on these platforms. Next,

You can schedule several weeks ahead so your social media is pretty much taken care of for the next several weeks. You can focus on writing and other content marketing strategies while takes care of the social automation.

This is an awesome tool that is related to content marketing because of how you will be connecting with other influencers. For example, you’ll probably be using a lot of email messages to contact potential bloggers to help promote your content so it’s important you have a breakdown of how they interacted with your message. One of the biggest problems after you send an email is what happens after, like if they:

  • Got your message
  • Opened your email
  • Click through on a link

By having this information, you can find out if they are genuinely interested in working with you. It’s better to know if they received your email and if they did with NO response, then you know it’s NOT crafted the right way. Some people simply won’t enjoy your pitch whereas others simply are NOT ready to work with you. With, you can track your email from the second you press send.

Final Thoughts

I’ve worked with many of these tools and am still looking to integrate many more into my content marketing. I personally like to contact the influencers in my niche and ask them for their recommendations, especially if they are experienced. If you are in a specific niche, then you might want to do the same by contacting authority bloggers, asking for a list of tools they recommend for content marketing.

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