Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Clickday!

A “click”, is a beautiful sound to any publisher or advertiser’s ear. Those valuable “clicks” are people clicking online ads; which are truly the bread and butter of bloggers and website owners. It’s what empowers them to continue publishing online. There is much speculation about online advertising concerning what factors impact monetization. In this study we ask: Which days of the week online ads get the most clicks?

Infolinks opened up their database of over 40,000 websites and analyzed data spanning all of 2010 to find the answer to this question. After compiling and averaging all of the information, the daily mean was easily extracted. The results of the study are interesting and equally as valuable.

Tuesday received the most clicks out of any other day of the week. So for the purpose of this study, Tuesday is the benchmark and has a value of 100*. Tuesday and Wednesday are clearly the best days in terms of engagement, both performing in the top 10%. Sunday received almost half (45% less) of the amount of clicks as our benchmark (Tuesday) and is the apparently the least effective day to engage response to online advertisements.

The entire weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, received the least amount of clicks. Perhaps on these days, most hibernate from the virtual world and consequently click less on ads online. Website owners can surmise that on holidays and other important occasions there will be less traffic and less revenue because people generally unplug on these days, and it seems that the weekend is no exception.

The favorable results for midweek days are possibly connected with the “midweek slump” many experience. Maybe this phenomenon actually attracts people to take time out to read blogs, which in turn result in a response to online ads? Nevertheless, we can be sure that there is a sure spike in activity during these days.

The results may not be shocking to those in tune with the behavior of ads – but the results further solidify the truth. Advertisers and publishers can utilize this “click” data for smarter investments and also higher payouts. By concentrating advertising efforts on Tuesday, Wednesday and even Monday, higher engagement can be accomplished and in turn higher revenue earned.

* In the interest of Infolinks’ privacy, the exact results will not be published.

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