Mom! What Were You Thinking?

Being in Toronto and hanging out with family has made this trip really great. The one thing that it has reminded me of was all the fun times my family and I have gone through ever since I was a little boy. My relatives have always wondered what I do for a living and some times it was hard for them to understand. Until now!

One of my relatives told me of a contest they’ve entered to blackmail one of their kids in the future (see, evilness runs rampant in my family). Actually, this contest is just a regular photo upload contest that is hosted by It’s called "Mom! What were you thinking" and they’re basically trying to see which mom had the nerve to dress up their kids in the worst possible fashions! Normally, I wouldn’t enter these kind of contests but I couldn’t pass up the prizes up for grabs.

  • Macbook Pro
  • 16GB iPod Touch
  • Speaker with built in Dock
  • Printer/Scanner
  • Laptop Case

To spice this contest up a little bit, I want to challenge all bloggers to post their own messed up childhood pictures. I tried asking my mom for any pictures of myself as a younger boy so I can be a good sport and play along, but "unfortunately" my mom said she didn’t have any pictures that I could use. So, I’m putting up Greg Morgan’s baby picture to show you what you can use to participate.

The Rules Are Simple

Just post your messed up childhood picture on your blog or a messed up picture of your own kid. Then write a little blurb about what the hell your mom was thinking or what you were thinking.

Since forgot to add a very important item to their prize package – I will be giving away a new Flip Mino and 20" Monitor to the best/worst/funniest post I notice in my Google Alert.

The winner will be announced through an email blast to my newsletter subscribers, so if you want to know who wins this thing in September, you’ll want to subscribe to my newsletter. Sign up here:

By the way, if I find any pictures from bloggers that are just too great to pass up, I’ll do a recap post to highlight some of these great bloggers, while I keep looking for my own messed up picture!