Mmmm, Steak!

Tonight Sarah and I went to Gotham Steakhouse to try the best steak in the city. Gotham is an award winning steak house own by The Keg, which in turn is own by Hy’s Steakhouse. Yes, the city’s three biggest steak chain is own by one company. Well Gotham really isn’t a chain like The Keg or Hy’s, since Gotham has only one location.

What makes Gotham so great is they’re one of only two steak houses in Vancouver that serves USDA Prime steaks. USDA Prime steak is a good as it gets. Only the top 2% of cows can be USDA Prime. You won’t find them at the local supermarkets. You can only get them at specialty mail order houses like Omaha Steaks or through steakhouses like Gotham.

Gotham serves their steaks “A La Carte”, meaning side dishes like baked potatoes cost extra. We ordered a Porterhouse steak, considered by many to be the best of all the steaks because it’s really two steaks in one. At 23 oz, the Porterhouse was a pretty big steak. If I was really hungry, I think I can eat it all by myself but I wisely decided to share it with Sarah.

Because we shared a steak, the final bill didn’t came to as high as the past two times I dined at Gotham. Normally a night at Gotham for two is a $150 to $200 affair. This night cost me only $130.00. You can check out the Gotham menu here.

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