Missing Body At Camera Obscura Edinburgh

While exploring Edinburgh, Sally and I were introduced to Camera Obscura and World of Illusions. This is a major tourist attraction in the Old Town, Edinburgh.

Founded by entrepreneur Maria Theresa Short in 1835, it is located on the Castlehill section of the Royal Mile next to Edinburgh Castle. The tower, with its six floors of interactive exhibitions, is the oldest purpose built attraction in the city. Nowadays there are passing references to Maria Short and Patrick Geddes in the presentation on the top floor where the Camera Obscura is still in use to project a virtual tour of the city for visitors, and also on the rooftop terrace with its views of Edinburgh and telescopes.

The floors beneath the Camera Obscura hold the World of Illusions, which offers interactive exhibits demonstrating aspects of optical illusions, lights, and colors. There are also puzzles, a mirror maze, a vortex tunnel, and a table that serves your head on a silver platter!

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