Miscellaneous Ramblings – Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Edition

Dot Com Pho – Pho Trang An Edition

Tomorrow’s Dot Com Pho will be held at Pho Trang An – 1284 Kingsway, Vancouver. Anyone wishing to attend the weekly Pho meet up should email me or send me a tweet on Twitter so I can save you a seat and get a head count. We have prizes this week! Free pens from Bic Promo Pens, I’m Blogging This T-shirts from Market Leverage and one new Dot Com Pho attendee will walk away a The Web Site Revenue Maximizer kit from SitePoint.

The Art & Science of CSS

Speaking of SitePoint, if you follow them on Twitter, they will send you The Art & Science of CSS eBook for free. This 208 page book will teach you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about CSS, and more. It normally sells for $29.95 but it’s yours free for the Twitter follow.

If you follow me on Twitter, I’ll send you a nice thank you tweet. 🙂

Vote for Suzanne Franco – The Next Blogging Idol

blogging idol

The voting stage of The Next Blogging Idol has started and Suzanne Franco needs your help. Head over to Daily Blog Tip and cast your vote for her.

Power of the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Michael Kwan, who blogs for Pho, has a cute post titled Power of the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy. Basically, if you truly believe that something is going to happen, there’s a good chance that it is going to manifest itself. In other words, whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. I wonder if Kwan has been reading Think and Grow Rich?

Six Sure-Fire Steps to Sell Anything to Anyone

Do you suck at sales? Then let Derek Halpern help you out. Derek is the blogger at Prevential.com and he’s got six sure-fire steps to sell anything to anyone. I heard that Derek once sold ice cubes to Eskimos and ran a successful clothing shop at a nudist camp.

Star Trek vs Star Wars: The Final Battle

Who would win in battle, a 642.5 meter long Galaxy-class Federation starship or a 1,600 meter long Imperial Star Destroyer? This video gives a definitive answer once and for all. Or does it? Watch the video and let another never ending battle between Star Trek and Star Wars fans begin.