Miscellaneous Ramblings – The Weekend Edition

This weekend rambling edition is brought you by Twitter. All articles linked here were sent to me via Twitter from users who read my tweet asking for submissions. One more reason to follow me on Twitter. 🙂

Follow Shoemoney and Win a Flip HD or Macbook Air

It looks like Shoe is making the move to 10,000 Twitter followers. He’s holding a contest to give away a couple of Flip Mino HD and an Apple MacBook Air. All you have to do is follow Shoe and tweet about his contest.

That’s a pretty cool way to increase Twitter followers. I think I’ll hold a Twitter contest as well. I’ll go dig up some nice prizes to one-up the Shoe.

Tyler Cruz Goes To The Dogs

My friend Tyler Cruz is trying to raise some money for his local SPCA. It seems Tyler is a dog lover and the SPCA is dear to his heart.

Tyler is hoping to raise $1,000 by January 15. He’s already half way there since he chipped in the first $500. He’s asking readers to match the $500 to bring total donation to a grand. I’m not as big a dog lover as Tyler but I’m willing to toss in $100 to his cause. Now he only needs $400 more.

Buzz Bishop Becomes a Virgin

Yes it true. Non virgins can become virgins again. That’s what happened to local radio jock, Buzz Bishop recently. Instead of working for Crave 953, Buzz now works for Virgin 953. I still remember the days when the station was call Z 953. Anyway, Virgin had a launch party for the new station and some naked guy showed up. Unfortunately, there were no naked girls.

2009 International CES

The 2009 CES is coming to a close and The TechZone has some cool articles from the floor for you to check out. You can see some of the cool gadgets the TTZ editors founds while walking the floor or check out their day 1 coverage. I’m surprised those guys can work after all that partying.

Give The Finger To The Non Smoking Sign

Thanks to @TheAdamBox for sending this one in. Smoking Everywhere Electronic Cigarette Looks like a cigarette, feels like a cigarette, taste like a cigarette, but it isn’t a cigarette. Also available in an electronic pipe version.