Miscellaneous Ramblings – The Bored Edition

This edition of Miscellaneous Ramblings takes on the bored theme. It’s the weekend and I figure no one is really in a mood to work – you rather just stay home and be bored to tears. Well, this post is for you!

This edition of Miscellaneous Ramblings is once again, brought to you by Twitter. I asked for boring posts and you guys delivered! Follow me on Twitter and you might end up in a future rambling.

The Unofficial Guide To Buying Your Wife A Gift

Derek “Bored Out of His Mind” Semmler has written the The Unofficial Guide To Buying Your Wife A Gift. Basically, it boils down to, “Ask her.” However, Mr. Semmler saw fit to use up 1,000 words to come to that conclusion. The perfect reading for a boring weekend!

How to: Install an iPhone Car Deck in a Corvette

Mr. Gary “I can’t install an Invisible Shield” Ng made this submission but I’m not sure how boring it really is. First of all, the Corvette is a really cool car and the iPhone is really cool phone. I doubt either products are boring. Maybe the process of installing the iPhone so it works as a car deck in the Corvette is boring. Check it out and decide for yourself.

I’m A Political Science Major but I Hate Politics

You can tell that Samir from Left The Box should have stayed in the box instead of going to school. Why does a guy who hates politics major in political sciences? Maybe he was bored! In another post, Samir writes that some people don’t need school. I guess Samir is not one of them.

Stuff White People Like

Apparently, this blog went from zero to 25 million visitors in just four months. That tells me one of two things. Either the blog did some amazing marketing to get all that traffic, or there are millions of bored white people who don’t know what they like and need a blog to tell them. I wonder what the answer is?

Watch Me Get a Haircut

I knew I was bored when I made a video of me getting a haircut. However, how bored would you have to be to watch a video of me getting a haircut? 😈