Miscellaneous Ramblings – TGIF Edition

Record Attendance Expected at Dot Com Pho

The TGIF edition of Miscellaneous Ramblings is all about fun. After all, it’s Friday and that means only one more day until Dot Com Pho! We are expecting over 30 people to show up for this weekend’s Pho fest. That will shatter the previous record of 16. I’m going to see Pho Lan today to let him know that we’re taking over his entire restaurant. I’m sure his reaction will be priceless. Looking forward to meeting everyone. The fun starts at 12:30.

Ten Steps to Avoid Becoming a Millionaire

The last time I checked, most people want to become millionaires. However, there’s always a small percentage who don’t. In the spirit of niche marketing gone wrong, No Debt Plan has posted Ten Steps to Avoid Becoming a Millionaire. I don’t think you really need to do all ten steps. Just performing step number five should keep you in the poor house for a long time to come.

Need a Date This Weekend?

Welcome to Shagablogger, the worlds first dating site built by bloggers, for bloggers. We understand that as well as growing relationships, bloggers are interested in growing blogs. As such, you can use this site to meet fellow bloggers, grow your blogs, and network under the most unclassy domain name in the world.

Send Hope with Photos

BenSpark is working on a project to create a special slideshow/video for a family that really needs some hope. If you would like to see further details about the family you can visit his blog for the full write up.

Write a short message of hope and be photographed with that message, so write it large and colorful. Also if you could take the photo in a place that represents your part of the world that would be even better. What I will do is put each photo into a video slideshow to give to this family. I will set the video slideshow to music and hopefully have photos of people with messages of hope from all over the world. You can e-mail me your photo at hopephotos@benspark.com

Emergency Party Button

You ever see those “That was easy” buttons at Staple? You can’t help but push it, right? That’s the idea behind the Emergency Party Button. And for a mere $634, you can make your own. I know what I’ll be making this weekend! Check out this video of the emergency party button in action.