Miscellaneous Ramblings – 6/12/2008

Over 400 Entries in 24 Hours

I can’t believe how many people entered the Market Leverage bag of stuff giveaway. You guys must really want that Flip Video really bad! At its current rate, I may have a thousand entries before the big draw on June 21 at Dot Com Pho. If you haven’t entered yet, then go join the fun.

Dot Com Pho Resumes

After being MIA for a few weeks, Dot Com Pho is back at its usual time and location. Anyone who likes the taste of Pho noodles and making money online is welcome to join us. Dot Com Pho starts at 12:30PM at Pho Lan in Richmond this Saturday. If you wish to attend, let me know and I’ll save a seat for you.

Vote for Ian Fernando

Ian Fernando needs your help to get into the Top Affiliate Challenge. Please go to his TAC page and vote him a 10. It would be really cool to have Ian on the show. Right now, he is in the 56th spot. He’ll need to get into the top 10 in order to have a shot at it so please go vote.

The Coolest Gift I Got From Computex

I received many gifts at Computex Taipei, but none was as cool as this one.