Miscellaneous Ramblings – 3/6/2008

Winner of The Waterman Pen

Congrats goes out to Amanda of Mommy Mandy for winning the $80 Waterman pen from the promotional pens maker, 1234Pens.com. Now Amanda can stay at home and have a nice pen to write with. Congrats again. Thanks to everyone who entered. Look for a new contest soon.

Want To Make An Easy $20?

My buddy Scott Wainner is trying to help people live longer by promoting longevity research. He came up with a very novel way to do it – he’ll give you $20 if you blog about it.

The first 100 bloggers who do a blog post about this issue to voice their demand for serious research to stop the aging process, and who write me to give me a link to their post, will each earn $20 paid via Paypal by yours truly – don’t delay to write your post and claim your easy $20!

I just took the first $20. There’s 99 more to go. Better get on it if you want a piece!

Union Gospel Mission’s Website Launch Party

Over at the Union Gospel Mission (one of the charities I support and donate to), they’ve just finished up work on their brand new website. There are lots of exciting new features, including a groundbreaking new blog maintained by the front-line workers. To celebrate the new site, the UGM would love to have you come down to their headquarters for their official Website Launch Party.

616 E Cordova St., Vancouver, BC (Drop by the front desk)

Wednesday, March 12, from 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm (It’s an open house; Come and go as you please). Short speeches start at 3:30 pm.

I can’t say no to a party. See you there!

Commission Junction Tries To Beat Up Pepperjam

It seems Commission Junction feels threaten by Pepperjam’s new affiliate network. Commission Junction is requiring existing Pepperjam clients who use Pepperjam affiliate program management services on Commission Junction to immediately terminate agreements with Pepperjam or get kicked off Commission Junction. It that legal? You can read the full story here.