Miscellaneous Ramblings – 2/20/2008

Broke 16,000 RSS Readers

Barely a month after breaking 15,000 RSS readers, John Chow dot Com has reached the 16,000 reader milestone. It took the blog 20 months to go from zero to 6,000 RSS readers and just seven months to add 10,000 more. Here are some posts I’ve written on how to increase RSS readership.

Win $500 at JimKarter.com

Jim Karter was the lucky winner of the iBusinessTalk contest that gave away a 300×250 ad spot on John Chow dot Com. Jim is using the ad to promote his own contest. Subscribes to Jim’s RSS feed and make a blog post about it and you just might win $500. Jim’s current RSS count is at 300 so your chances are not too bad.

How I Made $860,538.38 PROFIT in 4 Months

Zac Johnson has lifted the curtains to give a behind the scenes look at his multi million dollar affiliate operation. In his post, Zac show how he made $860,538.38 PROFIT in just four months. Here’s a photo of his check from Yahoo.


While everyone wants to become a superstar blogger and make a lot of money, keep in mind that the blog is generally not the main source of income for the A List bloggers. This is something that many new “Make Money Online” blogs haven’t figured out. We’ve made money on the Internet before the blog. Zac made just $3,042.64 off his blog in January. That’s not even tip money compare to what he pulls down from his affiliate sites.

ShareASales Party at the Affiliate Summit

This Sunday is the ShareASales party at the Affiliate Summit. ShareASales is looking forward to meeting you. Just for clarification – anyone who is attending the party will need to come by the ShareASale Meet Market table to pick up their ticket. They have printed tickets that will need to be shown at the door for all guests of the party so make sure to stop by early on Sunday afternoon between the hours of 12-6 at the Meet Market. See you at the party!

How Do You Get Full On Such Small Portions?

Ever wonder how diners get full at restaurants that serve very small portion meals? This video will answer that question.